Где изучать ПРАВО?
Право - предмет, который играет фундаментаальную роль в благополучии общества. Какой британский унивыеритет выбрать для изучения права на уровне магистратуры? 
Наша рекомендация: Aberystwyth University



Учеба в Италии со стипендией
Продожается прием заявлений на поступление в престижный итальянский университет  Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore  на программы с началом учебы в сентябре 2023 года


Подпишитесь на новости
შალვა ჩ., Master of International Commercial Law, Aberystwyth University

It has been unanimously acknowledged all around the world that academic experience in the UK is something truly amazing and special for a student. UK’s higher education has been a cradle of multiple professions and you will find it interesting no matter of what is your profession or specific research field.

I study Law at Aberystwyth University, which has magnificent teaching traditions and reputation among UK Institutions. Population is more than friendly and almost everyone in Aber is ready to support and assist you. Because of such a welcoming environment, it took me just a few days to settle down and get used to completely unknown culture and society.

As we know, especially from Georgian perspective, the studying and living costs in UK are the biggest obstacles to be overcome. Aber Uni offers various scholarships for international students and, unlike other UK institutions, they never hesitate to grant them to prospective students. One of the most important factors that has influenced my decision to study at Aber, alongside academic reputation, was the significantly affordable living costs. Everyday living costs here are far cheaper than in London, Birmingham, Cardiff and other central Areas of Britain. In addition to that, living accommodation and learning facilities (Libraries, computer rooms, studying spaces) are brilliant here and they are officially ranked as one of the best in the world.

Academic staff is very competent and helpful. Their teaching approach and understanding of their subject will amaze every student. Every time you have doubts and questions, they are more than happy to assist you and support your academic improvement. All in all, everything here is focused and concentrated on student’s brilliant academic experience. University is highly interested in its student’s professional growth and bright future… And this is not a comprehensive list of all the reasons that make United Kingdom the best place to be a student!