Летняя школа на базе британского унверситета
Для подростков 13-17 летб 2 недели £1498, скидка 10% при бронировании до 19 мая



Летняя школа для подростков в Йорке, Великобритания
для желающих 11-17 лет в Йорке, Великобритания. 2 недели GBP12657 включая проживание и питание  


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Нана (27), Нестан (26)

Нана, сотрудница министерства, 3-х недельный интенсивный курс:

“Thank you for the wonderful weeks! I had such a good time visiting Margate, and I enjoyed meeting all the staff. I hope that someday I am able to visit the school again!”

Нестан, сотрудница банка, 4-х недельный интенсивный курс:

“They  (семья) are really amazing people. I enjoyed stay with them. It was the first time for me to go to a school in a foreign country but a warm welcome made me feel I would have been happy here and I was. I liked the method of teaching English. It was quite different from my country. I found out that the perfect tenses are not awful as I thought. I did not feel any tension and it was really useful for me. Everything was very interesting and funny. I liked what it was offer by the centre. Yes, I would return everything is brilliant here. I recommend because it is a really great place to study English. I do not want to go home!”