Летняя школа на базе британского унверситета
Для подростков 13-17 летб 2 недели £1498, скидка 10% при бронировании до 19 мая



Летняя школа для подростков в Йорке, Великобритания
для желающих 11-17 лет в Йорке, Великобритания. 2 недели GBP12657 включая проживание и питание  


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Тико, 16 лет, სკოლის მოსწავლე. KINGS OXFORD Summer Vacation Course

Kings school

Kings school is amazing. It was really splendid and friendly. Everyone in Kings including the Principal and Vice Principal were really kind and friendly to me and to everyone. I made many friends from all around the world and my life completely changed after my visit in Oxford. Our residence was very comfortable and made for students like me. It was always clean and full of many entertanments. We were always arranging ,,Kitchen Parties''- gathering in one of the students kitchen and enjoying ourselves. I was feeling like I was in a fairy tale and did not want it to end. I spent my best days in Oxford - in Kings school!: ) I recommend everyone - once in their life -to go there...

I miss Oxford badly...